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Sand Blasting Inside of tank

We help you get set up  for a tank inspection, and the complete Outside and Inside painting Of your  commercial & industrial
tanks, of any size.


Division of Great Western Painting



Commercial Vinyl Wall Covering


Industrial Steel Epoxy Coatings





Mine Safety and Health
  Administration Certified

Fort Worth Zoo Painting

We Provide you with top Tank Inspection Company's to meet your high standard of tank maintenance



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Holiday Inn

Pepper Mill Casino

Industrial Complexes




Division of
Great Western Painting










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Oil and water Tanks, Pipes, Commercial Industrial. Large apartment complexes. Chemical Plants. All phases of painting. Hotels, Casino's, Condos, Malls. Town houses, Towers, 
 Pools & Decks. Epoxy, Floor covering, Wall Paper,
Vinyl wall covering, Oil, latex, stain.

Factories - Epoxy's Industrial and  Commercial
Full Service Painting Company

For Acrylic Texture
 Hotels - Casinos -  Restaurants
Office buildings
high traffic areas.
Where wall are bumped torn scraped, scratched and marred.
When product dries on the walls it's like having a iron film to protect you investment.

Interior & Exterior Tank Painting     
Before  inside tank                             After

The perfect combination of durability and energy savings. See our

Thermal Painting


  Lackland AFB Airplane Hanger Hydro Blast 1 coat Rust inhibiter 1 Coat Epoxy Primer
Top Coat White White Epoxy Finish March & April 2013

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Industrial   Plants - Sub Stations - Thermal Coatings -

Thermal Painting Fire Retardant Painting, Anti Graffiti painting, Fire proof painting, Factory Painting, Townhouse Painting,  Hospitality painting, Acrylic Texture Painting,
Zoo Painting,

Types of Industrial & Commercial Tanks
Above Ground Storage Tank , Aluminum  Dome , sand blasting Bolted Steel Tanks ,commercial Bolted Water Tanks, Brine Tanks, Chemical Storage tank painting ,Clear Span Aluminum Geodesic Dome, Cold Water Storage city Tanks, Digester Tanks, Geodesic Dome, Holding Tanks, Leachate Tanks, Liquid Storage Tanks, Manufacturer industrial Tanks painting, Potable Water Tanks, Powder Epoxy Tanks, Steel Bolted Tanks | Steel Water Tanks, Tank Manufacturing ,Tanks Construction, Waste Water Storage Tank, Waste Water Treatment ,Wastewater Tank, Water Holding Tanks, Water Storage Tanks  

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Commercial Sand Blasting in Dallas Industrial Sand Blasting
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