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 Commercial & Industrial Tank Painting Types of tanks

Balancing tanks - Clarifier tanks  -Effluent storage tanks - Sequencing Batch Reactor tanks  - Holding tanks - Aerobic digestion tanks Raw waste storage tanks - Aeration tanks - Anaerobic digestion tanks - Sludge storage tanks

Use High lifts  or propel down with ropes and harnesses

Industrial Treatment  tanks is one of the most demanding applications for any type of tank.  Ranges of acids and bases are often extreme, and even more often unknown. 
For this reason, our glass and ultra-high grade epoxies are ideal. 
 These coatings are, by definition, to your specific needs

We offers the highest grade glasses and epoxies on the global market today.  If you want your tanks to last – you will demand the quality of painting offered by Great Western Painting.  Applications include:


  Overall, CST Industries water storage tanks are the one of the best value for the invested money in the market today. Bottom line, the beneficial components of the water storage tanks—including the optional glass and thermosetting epoxy and the sectional tank technologies, is that our tanks are unmatched in quality, reliability and cost-efficiency.

tanks are usually built on a steel floor and all components offer the same coating systems throughout the water tank. For over 40 years, water storage tanks have seen strong growth around the world, and are now in use in over 110 countries.
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