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Time and material billing arrangements are typical in the construction industry,
contractors, consulting firms, accounting and legal particularly when the full scope
of the project is not well understood. or the project will require many new changes in as painting . Colors, types of paints, how many coats. ( Wall covering Example  that wall paper looked good at the store but does not match the office furniture.) The inspector now wants a fire coat applied because you made the room 65 ft instead of 45ft  For most consulting arrangements, a customer and a service provider typically start working together on a time and material basis.

WE are a straight forward company and are honest in our dealings.
 We look to doing all your painting needs in the future.
Bottom lime 
We Won't step over a future dollar  for a dime today 
Patrick Owner


When you Don't know
exactly what you need painted Time & Material We can Provide 

Just put our crews on the job and we will get right on it

We are a commercial & industrial painting company.
Specializing in large complex Jobs. Time and material allows you to to do just what need to be done on your project. You might find that the first part of the project went faster then you had planed so now you can move forward  and complete other task.
Commercial buildings, Industrial pipes, tanks, epoxy coatings, sand blasting, vinyl wall covering. Rust and
corrosion removal. Our Time & Material division covers all 50 states

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Time & Material  is a form of cost plus pricing in which price is determined by reference to the cost of the
 labor and material inputs to the product/service